P.L.U.R. has and ‘International Day’

Visit Duluth to participate in the first ‘International P.L.U.R Day’,

Peace     Love     Unity     Respect
  here is the FB link to introduce the scale of the event: Int’l PLUR Day.

Contact with Psychedelic Panda of Cloquet

Psychedelic Panda is a production company out of Cloquet Minnesota which features ‘Techno’ and related music and performance. They recently promoted a major event (Melted Heart) in Cloquet, which was brutally cancelled (one day aforehand) due to a venue termination.

This was my comment on their ‘About Us’ page, and the subsequent conciliatory offer hoping to ‘ease the pain’ of the termination.

We hope to see a ‘Techno Beat’ DJ on the Floating Stage this season with their entourage of fans and supporters

Contact Note:

I was referred over by John C of Liquid Radio and am happy to see your peace based mission statement. I too have a degree of commitment to youth and music (although age wise, I am no longer in this grouping) and believe we can enjoy our favorite music through all of our years of living. Hopefully our favorites never die so thank you for keeping the ‘Techno’ beat well and harvested.
The link above is for a site and sequence of activities from last Spring and Summer, but the work goes back two years if you visit the ‘Network’ links on the page. We had a free concert in the Eveleth Auditorium parking lot last August and featured ‘Shattered Grave’ along with some general R & R and our local stars, ‘Colmekill’. Sadly, the ‘Grave’ is no longer with us, so it is important to be diligent and prudent in supporting our local talent.
I would like to learn more about your work, in the hope that you may be available this year to sponsor an event on ‘the Range’ and particularly, in Eveleth. The Auditorium would be a fantastic venue (of the future?) for a tremendous dance party, this is the largest stage between Duluth and Grand Rapids that is not attached to a school and could be developed for the benefit of all who are willing to devote the time required.
EvTAP is the flagship org for our community action. Besides the youth concert mentioned above, we have facilitated donations of PCs to the Technology Charter High School in Eveleth, (mnerats.org). We worked hard and successfully resurrected the old ‘All Slav Picnic’ newly named, HARP Day (harpdays.com). It is this last event where we would love to see a ‘Dance Party’ held in the evening of our next picnic, which is scheduled for August 14 at the Veterans Park (Ely Lake) Pavilion. If it were possible to work this out as the finale to this outdoor success, it would do well to advance our missions in common and help meld our dynamic communities.
By opening doors and sharing common interests, I hope we can build upon what we have achieved thus far.
Email or call me at will, and let me in on some of your feedback. Your interests and thoughts will be appreciated!
Les Crawford
(218) 744-2273

EvTAP: an Eveleth based small volunteer organization on a mission to enhance and promote Art, Music and Performance through Technology, for community development and economic support.

Follow up note:

I know how crushing it is to have an event destroyed by others. I would like to offer the use of the ‘Arrowhead Arts Floating Stage’ (http://arrowheadarts.spaces.live.com/) to the Psychelelic Panda people as a ‘make-up’ event this Fourth of July in the Eveleth and Gilbert parades. Thousands of people exposed to your noble cause, ‘take it to the streets attitude’, priceless!

Let me know if this sounds good, or of other ways we might help!

Les Crawford

HARP Day is Coming – Like the Picnics of the Past but Better!

East Range Academy of Science and Technology Accepts Gift of PCs

It was some time in coming, but today was the day the PCs promised the East Range Academy were delivered. Here is Officer Hess supervising the transfer which happened just in time for the new school year to begin.

The East Range Academy is known for their emphasis in the science and technology fields. They have just finished the remodeling of their computer class room with new paint and hook-ups. These fine ASUS T-2 computers will undoubtedly be appreciated by the faculty and students.










We are all grateful for the cooperation between the schools in Eveleth. We know a community that works together benefits all, in this case, the students in particular!

At right is Ms. Troutwine, an instructor at the school, who was first on hand to inspect the shipment and approve delivery.

The Most Helpful Person Award…

…for providing excellent advice for the auditorium project, goes to David Grabitske of the Minnesota Historical Society. His card was given to Brian Hoag of the Eveleth City Council as a contact for laying out the ‘big picture’ in organizing the auditorium reopening. The meeting at Bonsai Tea (last night) included a tour of the building, not visited since April of ’08. ‘Things were as we left them’, stated Barb White, ‘after the clean up we had with the City workers and various volunteers’.
For pictures of the event, visit the Auditorium Site at: http://evelethauditorium.spaces.live.com

LUAU in EVELETH!!! 8-22 @ 2:00, City Council Approval of Auditorium Parking Lot Use

The Eveleth Luau will provide an opportunity to raise public and regional awareness of the value the Eveleth Auditorium holds for the future. This building can function to house Arts, Cultural and Historical events or organizations.
Come to the ‘lot’ on 8-22-09 at 2:00p to enjoy Hawaiian beach music, a coin-dig for the kids and other family fun activities!
Sign up to get involved! (evtap@live.com) Read the following email to contact key organizations related to the Arts, Culture and Heritage on The RANGE and Minnesota!
A Notice to key contacts – please read: (and see the key dates and sites listed below).

Eveleth Heritage Committee and

EvTAP letter regarding Council action on Eveleth Luau, 7-21-09:

Hello Chuck (Eveleth Heritage Committee co-chair);
Are you on the road again?
We received the approval for the Auditorium parking lot use on 8/22 for the ‘Luau’ to raise public awareness of the value of the structure as a historical and key community asset. There will be a hurried pace now to round out the event, today I hope to visit with KAXE to secure our ‘studio session’. A strong and visible presence by the Eveleth Heritage Committee is important along with support from the Laurentian Chamber. There are many ‘media’ related contacts available for promotion, so this should put this building and Eveleth on the map as a potential ‘hub’ of cultural and historical significance and activity.
Also, I visited the Minnesota Historical Society and the Preservation Alliance people on Friday and Monday.  At last night’s City Council meeting, the door was opened for action and movement towards the building’s restoration and opening. We will be allying with them on the ‘Building and Grounds’ committee, both Brian Hoag and Joe Koivinen supported the grouping.
I submitted many grant opportunities for the auditorium and the arts, culture and historical initiatives. This material was gathered at the historical facilities, and on Monday when I attended a conference on the ‘legacy’ money soon to be available. There is a committee in formation for that purpose, with oversight (to some extent) of the program. I am hoping some people from the Iron Range (a strong contingent?) will join that committee and help in the design of the distribution of the funding. It is called HRAC and the app forms are at the City desk – see Stephanie.
I had some thoughts on our next ‘presentation’ with Harry Lamppa on 8-11-09 at Bonsai Tea. After conversing with him following his talk, it seems there are several established (but somewhat inactive) historic groups around that may benefit from the resources available within an opened facility. How does a ’round table’ discussion sound with all parties or groups interested in a role (or office space) within the Auditorium sound? I know the Iron Range Hx Society would be a candidate and Harry knows of others. Possibly, you and Harry could head-up the discussion?
There is a ‘Digital Library’ division of the Minnesota Historical Society, and their work may be of interest to the Heritage Committee. Mark McCarty volunteered to look further into this division.
As a product of our August meeting, I think we would want a full listing of candidates (for the auditorium project) formulated. This would be submitted to the City as a part of a business plan (continued from what was initiated last year) for the auditorium. I can envision this as a growing document held at the City desk for transparency and public inclusion. We would have ample time to contact the various parties and build community with in this set. This could lead to a variety of people who might also serve on the HRAC.
That’s enough for now, this was sent to a list of important contacts who may respond with their interest, encouragement or support!

Eveleth Heritage Committee volunteer
EvTAP volunteer

Key Dates:
8/4 next Council meeting
8/11 Harry Lamppa at Bonsai Tea (roundtable discussion?)
8/12 KAXE studio interview
8/13 KAXE broadcast Thursday 6p (and the following Sunday 6a)
8/22 Auditorium parking lot LUAU!
9/19 HARP day at Veteran’s Park, Ely Lake
Key contacts:
Mn Hx Society
Capital Grants info submitted to the Council on 7-21-09, (the City was encouraged to apply for ‘narrow scope’ auditorium funding).
Legacy Grants info submitted to the Council on 7-21-09
HRAC nominee solicitation application, at City Desk
Eveleth Heritage Committee on Laurentian Chamber
Eveleth Heritage Commitee on Eveleth Culture
KAXE CenterStage Mn with Doug MacRostie


Harry Lamppa Speaks, John Berquist sings at Bonsai Tea – Eveleth

Another program by the Eveleth Heritage Committee is being offered this week in Eveleth.

Mr. Lamppa will be speaking on ‘Preserving Historic Structures’ on Tuesday, August 11 at 12:00 at Bonsai Tea in Eveleth (411 Grant). There will be many topics of public interest, and some discussion regarding the ‘legacy funding’ available to historical and arts organizations.

For those interested in the progress on the ‘auditorium project’, this would be a must-see presentation.

There will be refreshments served.

In addition, Mr. John Berquist, (below) a local and famed story-teller, will present some of his praised stories and may sing for the group!
John just completed his stint in the Fringe Festival held last week in Minneapolis. Come and hear how people in the Big City reacted to stories from ‘The Range’: webpage, Fringe 2009 

Contact Bonsai Tea for questions, 218-744-2273.

Mr. Lamppa is seen here at the Museum in Alcott park of Virginia. This is an original log-cabin construction design as shown by Harry.

Johnny Snidarich is Psyched for HARP Day!

Johnny Snidarich will be the featured performer at the September 19 festival in the Eveleth Veterans Park Pavilion.


He is well liked by the Polka crowd and performs frequently at various venues across the Range.

Check back for more performance updates. Look for the ‘Floating Stage’ carrying our Committee members and other great folks in the Gilbert and Eveleth parades!

Up to date information can be found at the HARPdays site.

Land of the Loon Parade Float

The Mesabi Musical Theatre will be featured on the Arrowhead Arts Floating Stage at this year’s Land of the Loon Festival in Virginia.

This is a relatively new production company utilizing the valued Mesabi Community College Virginia Campus performing arts theatre.

Their current production, Annie Get Your Gun is showing now, tickets are available! call: 218-741-3095 ext 0; or use the website.

For information on using the Float for your group or cause, contact: http://arrowheadarts.spaces.live.com/ or Bonsai Tea in Eveleth) at 218-744-2273.

Support the talent in your community!

KAXE Interview with EvTAP

Our group will have an opportunity to discuss the progress with the non-profit organization and the multitude of events planned for this season.

We are inviting our active volunteers to keep August 12 (at 2:00p) open for a ‘field trip’ to Grand Rapids for some studio time with Doug MacRostie.

The airing will be on August 13 in the evening (6p) on the ‘Centerstage Minnesota’ program.

For internet listening: www.kaxe.org 

For FM radio listening:
Grand Rapids    91.7
Brainerd            89.9
Bemidji             105.3


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